Award Details

The prize pool will be split across four winning teams.

Cash Award

Value: Up to $400,000

Acceleration Support

$135,000 'wallet' to spend on acceleration services, enrollment in company building program, and access to capital & corporate communities

Value: Up to $540,000

Acceleration Support

Proof of concept support and business development support, with access to lab and manufacturing space

Value: Up to $760,000

Subject to Catalyst acceptance and participation T&Cs

Grants to Launch ‘Social Impact’ Projects in the UAE

Value: Up to $500,000

Subject to Ma’an acceptance and participation T&Cs

Localization Support

Support for obtaining UAE commercial registration and ‘Golden Visas’

Patent Support

Technical, legal and financial support for patent registration

Mentorship and Go-To-Market Support

Mentorship and go-to-market support from local agri-tech experts