Meet Our Finalists: QS Monitor

31 August 2020

QS Monitor is an integrated food inspection and traceability system to ensure that only safe foods are imported into the UAE. They are 1 of our 12 Finalist Teams who will compete in the upcoming FoodTech Challenge Awards Ceremony. Read more about them below.

What makes your team excited about your idea and food technology?:

QS Monitor will help digitization of the food supply chain and remove inefficiencies between traders, government, and service providers hence improving access to high quality, safe, and nutritional food supply.

What is the biggest source of motivation for your team to work on this project?:

Our biggest source of motivation is having the potential to make an impact on the food ecosystem and be a part of food security efforts in the world.

Could you tell us something unique about your team that makes you a strong contender to be in the Top 4 winners?:

All of our team members have managed large scale projects and teams at the C-suite level with more than 20 years of experience in their field of work. Our team has a good understanding of the problems that stakeholders are facing, which we address by integrating state-of-the-art technology into our solutions.

Lastly, if you are selected as one of the four winners, how does your team plan to use the prize money?

The prize money would be beneficial to our growth as a company and will fund the IoT integration of our system and our work to develop a risk-based data analytics tool.


September 2020 Newsletter

1 September 2020

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 developments, the FoodTech Challenge Awards Ceremony will be rescheduled to late November and we are in the process of finalizing the dates. We will update you as soon as these are confirmed, and we very much appreciate your patience. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of participants, judges, partners, attendees and staff, the awards ceremony will be held as a virtual event. This decision was made after careful consultation with our partners and UAE public health authorities.

August 2020 Newsletter

1 August 2020

What does it take to build a vertical farm? How about a food waste monitoring system? What kind of expertise does your team need to possess? These are some of the questions we asked our finalists to learn more about their teams and their creative business ideas.

July 2020 Newsletter

1 July 2020

Our Finalist Teams are hard at work refining their pitch presentations with their mentors in preparation for the final Awards Ceremony. One of our Finalist Teams, Red Sea Farms, hosted a virtual meeting with Dr. Merle Jensen, one of our mentors, to discuss his feedback about their business case. Many thanks to Dr. Merle and all our mentors who continue to support the FoodTech Challenge and provide valuable insights and advice to our finalists. Our mentors are local and global experts in agriculture and food technology in industry, academia, and policy circles. You can find out more about their profiles here.