2020 Finalists

Finalist Teams

An integrated traceability system with real-time risk analysis to ensure only safe foods are imported into the UAE

A greenhouse that generates its own electricity using solar panels

Crop monitoring solution that uses AI and IOT technologies to improve agrochemicals and irrigation management

Algae-based superfood that's rich in Omega 3 and protein

A state-of-the-art light emitting solution to enable fisherman to catch more sustainably

Innovate greenhouse solution that uses saltwater for irrigation

Innovative semi-closed growing technology to pioneer year-round production of affordable, quality fresh produce

Surplus food and waste management solution to help reduce food waste

Portable solar-powered cold storage units to help farmers ensure their produce doesn't spoil in the heat

Pesticide-free solution to tackle red palm weevil infestation

Automated sustainable vertical farm driven by AI

Nature-based edible food coating to extend shelf-life and reduce food waste