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Thirteen days are left before the submission deadline, and we are excited to read about your innovative food and agtech solutions. Please make sure to carefully review the eligibility criteria, submission requirements, and competition Terms & Conditions again before you click submit. To help you ace the process, we have developed a simple animation to walk you through the requirements. Check it out and remember, the final deadline is 13 February 2020.

This month, The FoodTech Challenge exhibited during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, where 38,000+ participants from over 175 countries connected to discuss the latest global developments in sustainability. At the Youth4Sustainability Hub, we met with many prospective applicants and partners – thank you all for coming!

In “Meet Our Judges”, you’ll hear from Stuart Oda, Co-Founder and CEO of Alesca Life, about his thoughts on food technology trends in the UAE and abroad. He also recently spoke at a TED Salon event, which you can check out in our “Food for Thought” section. Our agtips will cover advice on demonstrating commercial viability, the final section of the business case submission.

As always, you can get in touch with us at if you have any questions leading up to the submission deadline. Best of luck! 

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FoodTech Challenge Highlights 
Youth Hub Activation

Abu Dhabi, UAE
11 Jan 2020

The FoodTechChallenge Team partnered with the Federal Youth Authority to present about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how the competition will advance the UAE’s SDG agenda. We developed an interactive workshop to better understand SDG #2 – ‘Zero Hunger’ – and how solutions from The FoodTech Challenge can help achieve this goal.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Abu Dhabi, UAE
13-16 Jan 2020

The FoodTech Challenge Team exhibited at the Youth4Sustainability Hub during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Over four days, we met with prospective applicants and demonstrated examples of the latest agtech solutions.
AgTips: Commercial Viability

This edition’s agtips will cover the commercial viability section of your submission. While the technology section describes the technological maturity of your product, and the sustainability section explains how your idea makes optimal use of natural resources, the commercial viability section demonstrates that your proposition has the potential to become a commercially successful business in the UAE. Business plans come in many forms, but for The FoodTech Challenge, we recommend you include these 7 points.

Food for Thought

Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture?

Ted Talks, by Stuart Oda

By 2050, the global population is projected to reach 9.8 billion. How are we going to feed everyone? Investment-banker-turned-farmer Stuart Oda points to indoor vertical farming: growing food on tiered racks in a controlled, climate-proof environment.

Rewards to people who recycle

The National, By Daniel Bardsley

The Smart Bin, created by a start-up company in Abu Dhabi, melds cutting-edge artificial intelligence with mobile technology to promote recycling. It weighs and identifies materials thrown into the bin and notifies the user about the amount of carbon emissions they saved.

A key stop for achieving food security


HE Mariam Hareb Almheiri, Minister of State for Food Security, stated that the decision of the UAE Cabinet to form the Emirates Council for Food Security is a key step to strengthening the efforts of national authorities to achieve food security, as well as meeting the goals of the National Food Security Strategy.

“Emirati Queen Bee”
for UAE’s food security
is here

Gulf News, By Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary


The UAE is crossbreeding bees to develop a resilient Queen that can endure the harsh desert climate and sustain crucial pollination rates crucial for the country’s food security.



Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week: local and global partnerships are key to ensuring the UAE's food security
The National, By HE Mariam Almheiri

The UAE has risen 10 spots to 21st place on the Global Food Security Index, however, the country remains vulnerable to global supply chain disruptions given that 90% of its total food comes from neighboring countries.

Meet our Judges

We have partnered with an incredible panel of experts to judge The FoodTech Challenge submissions. Our panel is comprised of local and international experts on agriculture from academia, the private sector, and policy circles.

We spoke with Stuart Oda, Co-Founder and CEO of Alesca Life, to talk about his thoughts about food technology trends in the UAE and abroad.

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Fun Food Facts

There are approximately 350 different types of pasta – and about four times that many names for them! Pasta shapes are specifically designed to hold the sauce in the best way possible.
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